Challenge: Is Ayame a Flexible Japanese Girl?!

Ayame was rolling around on the bed so frantically, it looked like she had ants in her pants. That wasn`t far from the truth I thought. We had been shooting all day and even though she was trying to be a decent Japanese girl, there was no denying that her body was worked up to a simmer. With her body perspiring and her panting increasing, I engaged her curiosity by pulling out the CKE18 thermometer. What she would do with it was up to her. It was the final opportunity for her wild side to boil over. All it took was a little imagination and I had no doubt what would happen next with this smart and beautiful Japanese girl. As Ayame slid the device into her tight pussy lips, she was driven wild by both the feeling and the memories from previous sets. So who`s going to measure her temperature?!


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